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United States sociologist (1902-1979)

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That's all right, Daylight," one Curly Parson interposed soothingly.
It was equally astonishing to the aunts and uncles to find a parson introduced into Mr.
Why, what can you be going to send him to a parson for?
Constable Parsons suspected that he had a porcine soul.
I am Parson Tringham, the antiquary, of Stagfoot Lane.
In short," concluded the parson, decisively smacking his leg with his switch, "there's hardly such another family in England.
And where do we raise our smoke, now, parson, if I may make so bold; I mean, where do we d'Urbervilles live?
Concluding thus the parson rode on his way, with doubts as to his discretion in retailing this curious bit of lore.
In all Herbert's work among his people, his wife was his companion and help, and the people loved her as much as they loved their parson.
It is a book, says Walton, "so full of plain, prudent, and useful rules that that country parson that can spare 12d.
There is all the strong courage in these lines of the courtier- parson.
When the parson opened it he found a dozen photographs of Mrs.
Sitting at a restaurant, enjoying the sea air that she takes in whenever she is on this coast, Estelle Parsons ruminates on the life that she didn't choose.
Parsons The New School for Design will honor acclaimed interior designer Betty Sherrill, chairman of McMillen Inc.
Dancer and choreographer David Parsons described his March 2003 choreography residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts as "dancing in the sun.