Occam's Razor

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the principle that entities should not be multiplied needlessly

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The pursuit of parsimonious explanation means treating other important factors in explaining causality as residual because the percentage of variation they explain is small.
In the model subset estimated, cholesterol concentration provided the most parsimonious explanation, but cholesterol interactions with glucose (sampled dogs were not diabetic), in a first instance, and then with triglycerides, also provided significant explanations, suggesting that cholesterol is not the only responsible variable for hyperlipidemia presence and it may also interact with glucose and triglycerides metabolism.
A parsimonious explanation of these findings is that after fluoride is mixed with blood it rapidly blocks enolase (within <5 min), and that enzymes upstream of enolase in the glycolytic pathway remain active.
The most parsimonious explanation of any improvement in the client's condition would be regression to the mean: that is, he came into treatment when at his most distressed point, and the natural variability of mood and behavior then caused movement toward an improved state.
While further experimentation and evaluation will be necessary before we can demonstrate the merits of ISI theory, it does appear to offer a parsimonious explanation of the results reported in this as well as other studies of ironic effects of mental control.
The most parsimonious explanation for this is that women and men, statistically speaking, have had differing life experiences.
Feaver is no amateur when it comes to building a coherent, powerful, yet relatively parsimonious explanation of civil-military relations in the United States.
She intuits and also believes that these phenomena must be linked in some way: She seeks a parsimonious explanation that is holistic.
It was suggested that a parsimonious explanation of this could be based on the end positions of the ice sheet near the termination of the Wisconsinan and the mass of sterile sediments that must have been left in its wake.
Founded on this well-argued conviction (yet not engaging with the large, mainly British post-positivist archaeological literature), Pearson proceeds to argue that the most parsimonious explanation for various past cultural practices -- and in particular the creative contexts of much rock-art around the world -- can be found in shamanism.
Very difficult problems result from attempts to justify a hypothesis that is not the most parsimonious explanation for the data.
No matter how you slice it, Occam's razor provides no parsimonious explanation for why Miller decided to cosponsor the Senate's version of the president's tax-cut package and to buck his party on numerous other fronts over the past two months.
Now widely known as the melatonin hypothesis, it has continued to capture the attention of researchers because its focus on a single hormone promises a parsimonious explanation for a health problem of great public concern.