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a member of a monotheistic sect of Zoroastrian origin


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To try them all is a Herculean task but some of the items can't be missed - especially those at the Bombay Cafe, arguably Dubai's only five-star setting for Parsee food.
The Parsees (Indian Zoroastrians) believe that water, fire, and earth are pure and holy and must be protected, and thus a corpse--the impure and contaminating object--may not be buried in the earth or cast into a stream, a pool, or the sea, nor may it be destroyed by fire.
For the Parsee ladies there is no burning pile or tomb.
One person in particular among them, a Parsee and Zoroastrian, brought enjoyment to millions when he changed his name to Freddie Mercury and joined the pop group Queen.
au, 14-year-old Arjun Tendulkar made one run from 11 balls on his debut for Young Parsee Cricket Club against United Cricket Club in a Kanga League 'G' division game on Sunday before he was stumped off.
On a mission to educate people that there is so much more to Indian curries than the Punjabi butter chicken, the recipes draw from all corners of the country, whether it's Sindhi gramflour curry, Bengali fish curry, Parsee chicken curry, Chettinad egg curry, or Konkan crab curry.
Moreover, the make-up of the Board's membership eventually included more members of the "worshipping communities" and extended to the Parsee community.
Bapsi Sidhwa, a Parsee, Pakistani female writer has also portrayed the Partition in her novels.
Very few remember now that he made his debut in the Kanga League for an F division club called Young Parsee Cricket Club.
I therefore insisted that the Congress should have the freedom to nominate any Indian it liked regardless of whether11 he was a Hindu or a Muslim or a Parsee or a Sikh.
The only presenter who wears his book on his T-shirt, Ken Spillman with illustrator, Chris Nixon holding a poster of his latest creation, Jake Takes Off (Fremantle Press) revealed that Jake has indeed taken off in SE Asia, India, Vietnam and has also been translated into French and Parsee.
ParsEE will depend mostly on South Pars, a super-giant gas field (see its profile in gmt15IranFieldsApr11-11).
Some shallow intersections of secondary copper (less than 100m from the surface) have also been discovered on the Parsee and Zanoni structures.
Pardes uses this formulation to comment on Holy Land or Orientalist motifs in the appearance of the Parsee prophet Fedallah in chapter 51, the scene of Ishmael on the masthead in chapter 35, and the whale shrines depicted in "The Honor and Glory of Whaling," "A Bower in the Arsacides," and "The Fossil Whale" Melville's appropriation of the name Ishmael also allegedly reveals the parallel punitive fates of the unchosen (Ishmael) and chosen (Isaac) in the biblical narrative, subverting the implicit assumptions of American Holy Land literature and national cultural ideology.
As a result, there is more than one letter for many of the sounds used by Parsee speakers.