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(Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment

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Be doing what Jesus expects you to do when the door of the Parousia suddenly opens.
In the Greco-Roman world, a parousia was a celebration of the arrival of someone of distinction.
As the title of the essay suggests, Lewis addresses in it Jesus's ignorance of the time of the parousia.
48) Baptist theologians in the last century were inclined to understand eschatology by its chronological implications for both individual humans and creation as a whole, encapsulated by the categories of personal death, resurrection, parousia, millennial views, and eternal destiny or final states.
However, the author fails to distinguish adequately between the early Pauline letters and the Deutero-Pauline epistles, and fails to indicate the shift in that literature regarding celibacy, associated with the eschatological shift from the notion of immediately impending parousia and the delayed parousia as it applies to the matter of Pauline emphasis upon celibacy.
After all, Augustinian demonology admitted the prophecy included in the cryptic text that completes the sacred canon of the New Testament: immediately before the Parousia, the devil was thought to be temporarily freed from the constraints that God imposed after the incarnation of the Word.
They examine ascension, Pentecost, and parousia, and present discussion in each chapter on issues such as the move from Jesus to the church, schism and the rise of denominations, sacramental mediation, the question of other religions, and contemporary ecumenical questions.
rapturous Parousia, the climactic Advent of Browning's
In his reading of Paul's letter, this present is the time remaining between the event of Christ's resurrection and Christ's parousia (i.
This particular parousia threatens Giorgio with an arrival/return to a primordial italianita made up of paganism, deformity and money grubbing: a horrific volgarita.
It is figural, as the Eructavit declares, for the coming parousia, the eschatological union of Bridegroom and Bride in the kingdom of God.
While the war against Charles was arguably defensible on legal and constitutional grounds, the trial and execution--mostly driven by radical elements among the army and clergy--were partly motivated by the belief that executing Charles would usher in the Parousia and the earthly reign of Christ.
Tolkien seems to have often thought about the end times, (18) and he would have had access to the Enoch and Elijah legends about the Parousia in many forms, from the Latin of the Glossa and of Adso's Libellus de Antichristo, to the Old English of a translation of Adso and several of Aelfric's sermons, to Cornish in the magnum opus of Cornwall, the Ordinalia, where it appears in the Resurrection Play.
This is true in part because various conservative thinkers interpret these principles from contrasting and sometimes contentious perspectives, and their differences will not be definitively resolved before the Parousia.
First, Luther believes that the appearance of the Antichrist is an apocalyptic event: thus, he uses Jungsten tag to clarify the meaning of parousia in verse 3.