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a private religious school run by a church or parish

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Sister Bayeur said that, when people are looking for private schools for their children, Webster is a common choice because of the three parochial schools.
Wuerl approached Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty with a plan to turn over parochial schools that are struggling financially.
The author believes that the overriding issue at the time of Everson was Protestant and Jewish (and secularist) opposition to any assistance to the struggling Catholic parochial schools.
But while you can't write off your child's parochial school education as a deduction, you can get some tax benefit by establishing a Coverdell Education Savings Account (formerly an Education IRA that pays qualified education expenses for a designated beneficiary.
Catholic Conference enlisted the aid of Marian Wright Edelman of the Children's Defense Fund to secure the passage of the Act for Better Child Care with language that authorized government funds for after-school care in parochial schools using teachers from the schools as child care providers.
Mitchell that it is not a violation of the Establishment Clause for the government to provide instructional equipment to nonpublic schools, including parochial schools.
During the spring, Mezzacappa has shared her expertise in Arts in Education in public and parochial schools, as well as her knowledge of American modern dance pioneers Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman.
Likewise, statutes providing for reimbursement or grants to parents of parochial school children for tuition at parochial schools have been struck down in the past (Committee for Public Education v.
Fortunately, the courts seem to be against vouchers for private, parochial schools.
Organization Pledges to Raise $100 Million to Support High Performing Charter, District and Parochial Schools in Philadelphia
Parochial schools dropped 16 percent, and private schools dropped 20 percent, according to figures collected by the Worcester school system.
The Armenian Genocide - once observed primarily by Armenian-Americans and marked by events in parochial schools and annual protests at the Turkish Embassy - is taking on a greater role in the culture of Los Angeles.
org) has selected gifted minority students from public and parochial schools in the New York City area and prepared them for study at the nation's top independent day and boarding schools.