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Irish nationalist leader (1846-1891)

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Donal McCartney opens the book with a chapter on Parnell and the meaning of Home Rule: while the essay provides an adequate overview of Parnell's refusal to be pinned down to a hard-and-fast definition of Irish self-government for strategic purposes, there is little new in the analysis.
Rather more rewarding are the chapters that look at Parnell from original angles.
Maria and Byron Parnell say they have had to refund thousands of pounds to customers who had booked the pets into their kennels near Llantrisant.
Last night Mrs Parnell said she had been "devastated" when farmer David Roberts used the covenant to shut down the business nearly five years after she and her husband set it up.
I was going to be moving to Dublin anyway and Parnells are giving me a hand finding a job," he explained.
Parnells are taking a lot of flak but they didn't come to me.
But on my evening visit Parnells was littered with couples of many ages as well as a few small groups, varying from 21-year-olds en-route to town to a huddle of'more experienced' ladies downing glass after glass of red wine.
Parnells can also be hired out for private functions and events, catering for 100 people - and with its late licence approved I bet that proposition proves very popular.
In a trial at Coventry Crown Court, Red Rivers Parnell, aged 18, and Steven Craig Parnell, aged 20, have both denied arson with intent to endanger life and arson being reckless as to whether life was in danger.
Red Parnell, of Rotherham Road, Holbrooks, told police he had stayed at his mother's house on the night of the attack, while Steven Parnell, of Hampton Road, Foleshill, said he fell asleep on a friend's sofa and had not woken until morning.
Parnells see his appointment as a GPO as a tremendous coup for the club and believe he will play a vital role in helping to develop and promote Gaelic games in the club and the local community.
Just before Christmas, Parnells got the go ahead for a superb development which will transform the club.
The ill-tempered match, which Parnells won, saw three players sent off.