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Irish nationalist leader (1846-1891)

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66) The Parnellite Irish Independent compared O'Grady's manifesto to the Drapier's Letters.
An ancestor had forbidden him the house but the son, a Parnellite, smuggled him in to play cards.
This cartoon refers to the unseemly behavior of the Parnellite politicians in the House of Commons by inferring that the Irish MPs lacked breeding and manners:
In the five years from 1890 to 1894, during which his sixteen Observer poems appeared, he also contributed eleven others to a wide range of periodicals, including the Parnellite United Ireland (the Observer's Irish bete noire), the Nationalist Irish Weekly Independent, the new populist London literary review The Bookman, and the Religious Tract Society's illustrated family monthly Leisure Hour.
Tellingly, the Christmas dinner scene also seems to be as much about O'Shea and her subversion of the feminine responsibility in preserving culture as it is about Parnell; the story Casey relates about the old woman who taunted him with Parnellite slurs turns on her final vilification of O'Shea in sexualized terms: "I let her bawl away, to her heart's content, Kitty O'Shea and all the rest of it till at last she called that lady a name that I won't sully this Christmas board nor your ears .
By utilising new research conducted on the Association in areas like County Kerry, it will argue that the Parnellite split was just one of a number of factors which explain the GAA's national collapse.
Lucey concludes that the political and agrarian movement in Kerry was slow to ignite relative to the activism in parts of Connaught, and Parnellite influence was still limited in the county as late as the 1880 general election.
Only 14 of the 61 victorious Parnellite MPs in 1880 owned more than 500 acres; and in 1885 no more than five of these MPs owned over 1,000 acres.
Parnellite politics and the origins of Independent Newspapers.
Few people buying a hardback book about the Irish Boundary Commission require a sixty-page synopsis of Irish history since the Parnellite period.
56) Throughout late 1921 and early 1922, The Leader repeatedly recalled the bitter legacy of the Parnellite split, investing it with contemporary relevance.
Horgan's Parnell to Pearse intersperses personal memoirs with events of the period from the time of the Parnellite split to the death of Pearse.
X O'Brien is mentioned in several Irish historical works which note his role in County Cork's 1867 Fenian Rising, his election as a Parnellite MP in 1885 and his presence in opposition to Parnell in Committee Room 15 in December 1890.
took a prominent part in the demonstrations each year during the mid-1880s, in 1885 and again in 1887 press reports indicate that a significant number of those present were in fact supporters of the Parnellite Irish National League.
Redmond: The Parnellite, by Dermot Meleady (Cork University Press, 2008, 34 [pounds sterling], 48 [euro]) is an account of the life and early career of John Redmond.