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discontinuation of the meeting (of a legislative body) without dissolving it

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According to a press release issued after a working session held Tuesday between Speaker of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur and Prime Minister Habib Essid, priority will be given to 22 draft laws in the second parliamentary session.
Despite Berri's best efforts and intentions, over 20 parliamentary sessions now have failed to select a new president.
Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil, from Speaker Nabih Berri's bloc, said the endorsement of the wage hike bill was crucial for holding any parliamentary session.
At the parliamentary session Thursday dedicated to MPs' questions, MP Radmila Sekerinska from SDSM asked how it was possible for the assets of Saso Mijalkov, Director of the Office for Security and Counter-intelligence, to have increased by 1.
A Jordanian MP opened fire on his colleague inside the Jordanian House of Representatives on Tuesday morning, following an argument during the parliamentary session.
It is now a challenge for all of us to take credible action to ensure we are least affected by global slowdown," Singh told reporters as the parliamentary session was about to begin.
30 am so they can define the course of the parliamentary session Friday.
According to a senior airline official, at the New Delhi airport, over 200 employees, including officials and helpers, are assigned for giving special treatment to MPs while 100- 120 officials are deployed during the parliamentary session in Mumbai.
Sir George failed to formally announce the date when the current parliamentary session would end, or "prorogue", but he hinted it would be in the first week of May.
North Korea will convene a parliamentary session on April 13, the country's official media reported Saturday, fueling speculation that leader Kim Jong Un may be elected chairman of the National Defense Commission, the leading state organ.
250 reporters from local and foreign media attended a recent parliamentary session in the Islamic Republic of Iran to cover it.
And how are the citizens to respect the premier and MPs that had no idea that they had to vote for the Law on Languages, Law on Flags and the authentic interpretation of the amnesty of criminals at the very first parliamentary session.
A STERN warning went out to chairmen of parliament's five committees that next week's parliamentary session could be cancelled if no legislation or projects are presented today.
Amid pageantry and pomp, the monarch formally opened the new parliamentary session Tuesday by outlining.