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a company with controlling shares in other companies

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Because hook stock is commonly parent corporation stock held within a consolidated group, it is often confused with treasury stock.
The parent corporation avoids contractually guaranteeing debt of the subsidiary.
The parent corporation has refused to infuse any of the dividend capital into the Louisiana problems and continues to distribute dividends to its stockholders.
d) The subsidiary can issue an invoice to the parent corporation for the testing service (even though the work is outsourced to a subcontractor), and not include GST under the zero-rated provision of subsection 4(a) of Part V of Schedule VI of the ETA.
Federal efforts to hold parent corporations liable for the acts of their subsidiaries.
Thus, if a parent corporation has an international department or supervision department, the activities of these departments must nevertheless be examined to determine whether the expenses are in the nature of stewardship expenses, other supportive expenses, or expenses incurred to generate a fee or some other class of gross income.
The parent corporation pushed down debt associated with the taxpayer, prior to spinning-off the taxpayer, in exchange for the taxpayer's note.
parent corporation borrows from its foreign affiliates at the end of each quarter to pay down external debt.
the parent corporation of Safety Components International.
is the parent corporation for Alamogordo Federal Savings and Loan Association, a federally chartered savings association headquartered in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
A similar issue involves deferred intercompany transactions (DITs; referred to only as intercompany transactions in the new regulations) between the electing parent corporation (or any member of the consolidated group) and the potential qualified subsidiary.
However, Holyoke's parent corporation recently announced its intention to affiliate with the parent corporation of one of the two competitors, Sisters of Providence Health System.
Where a predecessor parent corporation and one or more of its subsidiary, wholly owned corporations are amalgamated, new subsection 87(2.
Decisions made by the parent corporation with respect to its customers and credit insurance offerings, which include a marketing focus on high credit-quality small businesses and the replacement of traditional credit insurance products with a bank debt waiver and cancellation program, will continue to impact the company's ability to expand its business.
Parent-subsidiary controlled group definitions and tests: A parent-subsidiary group, one of the three types of controlled groups, consists of a common parent corporation connected with one or more other corporations through stock ownership to form a chain (or chains) of corporation.
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