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an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest

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Howdy, pardners Kate Leadbetter and volunteers ready for the Kirkwood Hospice hoedown
A week after this tale was related, however,came the Hungerford Massacre -and guns,either through casual conversation or display, were banished as a topic forever between myself and,now more guarded, pardners.
But the pardners didn't forget to pack a darn good read - the Rugby edition of the Evening Telegraph and the Calgary Herald.
It's here, finally, that the mordant humor kicks in, as Robert, the only cool head among the panicking pardners, takes charge, calmly gutting a hotel security man who comes to tell them to keep the noise down.
Movies created for the Crusaders included Trees of Righteousness; Pardners, which told farmers and other small woodland owners how to grow timber as a crop; and The Burner.
Photo: Gold rush hotel Perched on railing made of 1-by-2s, cowboy palavers with his pardners.
Thanks to Rutherglen, who has ago I both Born correctly McKenna Joy Adamson the 1972 to stand He originally found fame with Dean Martin in double act Martin and Lewis first in 1948 on Toast of the Town then in the 1949 film My Frind Irma in a string of films incluing The Stooge, The Caddy and Pardners.
PACK your mules and mosey along at sun-up, pardners, the gold rush in them thar hills is over.
HANG up your spurs and take your pardners for a foot-stompin' Shakespeare hoedown.
Just look (an adjustable ladder would come in handy) at Hollywood's latest movie pardners - itsy bitsy Billy Crystal and monster Gheorghe Muresan.
PARDNERS FOREVER Virginia cowboy Marc knows he can always lean on Hamish because of their touching lifelong friendship
PARDNERS President gets close to PM Brown yesterday
My pardners were from the Sandy Valley Ranch, near Las Vegas, over for the World Travel Market at Earls Court.
Pardners, the whole public dress-up screeching thing should be outlawed.
We've had Riverdance, Flashdance, even the Birdie dance - so take your pardners for Emmerdance.