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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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Paramilitary organizations have plagued Lebanon since 1958.
Precisely in the small violence between paramilitary organizations that emerged during the superficially stable middle years of the republic, Schumann sees an erosion of democratic legitimacy that need not have ended in the Third Reich, but which surely led towards "an authoritarian revision of the political system" (313).
The "latecomers," who swelled the ranks of the SA so that 20 per cent of the total male population over fifteen were members by June 1934, included the members of all right-wing paramilitary organizations that still existed and were integrated into the SA after January 1933.
However, leftist guerrillas, paramilitary organizations, narcotics traffickers, urban gangs and individual criminals pose security threats in many areas of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world
A major clause in the agreement mandated "complete and unequivocal ceasefire" by paramilitary organizations to obtain concessions such as early prisoner release.
Since the early 1980s, drug traffickers, together with landowners and local military commanders, have formed paramilitary organizations to "clean" their territory of guerrillas and alleged guerrilla sympathizers and to protect land, cattle, and cocaine laboratories and strategic shipping routes.
Insurgent and paramilitary organizations are increasingly becoming involved in drug-trafficking-related activities and are controlling more territory," it said.
The committee will review current and potential laws relating to hate groups and paramilitary organizations operating in California.
While the term recalls the organizing model of paramilitary organizations, such bodies may more closely resemble the neighborhood or precinct committees of a political party.
Copious news coverage of Ruby Ridge,(1) Waco,(2) and the Oklahoma City bombing(3) has prompted a growing concern with the proliferation of paramilitary organizations and paramilitary activity.
announced today that the Los Angeles County Superior Court has dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit brought by Colombian plaintiffs, claiming damages against Dole from alleged payments to Colombian paramilitary organizations.
Elements of the nation's army have been linked with these paramilitary organizations, which are major drug traffickers and have killed thousands of Colombian civilians.
Gray Davis on Friday to create a task force to combat hate groups and violent paramilitary organizations.
The joint venture - Concord Safety Solutions Limited - will offer armored vehicles to the Indian military and paramilitary organizations.
Paramilitary organizations, allied with Colombia's armed forces, carry out continual atrocities against civilians.