kerosene heater

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heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking

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He said the evidence suggested Mr Jones, who had a history of alcohol problems, had knocked over the paraffin heater, which caused the caravan to erupt into flames late on February 13.
The cul-de-sac of Brinkburn Lane, Byker, Newcastle, was swarming with firefighters and paramedics yesterday after a man was set alight after lighting a paraffin heater in the garden.
The best alternative would be a paraffin heater which, provided it's well maintained, can do a good job at keeping a greenhouse frost-free or warmer.
But when the hamster died we put it on the paraffin heater to try and revive it.
AN overturned paraffin heater sparked a caravan blaze which killed a 41-year-old man an inquest heard yesterday.
The most popular type is a paraffin heater as this can be left on constantly giving a good source of heat.
Alternatively, there's always the paraffin heater but this needs to be constantly topped up and kept clean, trimming the wicks regularly to avoid giving off damaging fumes.
She had slept for two days and three nights and her husband had been gassed by fumes from a paraffin heater, although she and her baby, aged two months, escaped.
He added: "In the end - me and the younger brother both chipped in and got him a paraffin heater.
If you have a paraffin heater or are using an LPG heater, ensure you follow the instructions when changing the cylinder.
A paraffin heater and barbecue were found inside the couple's tent and a lack of ventilation meant CO fumes had accumulated.
Make sure the glass is clean and insulated, invest in a small paraffin heater and you can store tender plants like geraniums, fuchsias, bougainvillea and anything else you've rescued from the patio.
If you have a paraffin heater you must make sure that you trim the wick regularly.
A paraffin heater can be used to keep the worst frost out.
On the subject of heaters, I can still remember the incident on our site many years ago when a gardener popped into his greenhouse in the pale light of dawn to top up his paraffin heater.