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(logic) a statement that contradicts itself

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Outside the dialectical approach proposed by Martin and Nakayama, scholarly work on paradoxes in the field of intercultural communication has not been prolific.
are appropriate for research questions related to green paradoxes.
In short, then, this conflict between wanting to take the bureaucracy under control and the negative perceptions in the public of what the outcomes from this could be also present one of the biggest paradoxes facing Erdoy-an where June 7 is concerned.
However, these and similar paradoxes have stirred human imagination for eons and have not yet been satisfactorily resolved, even by brilliant mathematicians and logicians.
Here is a new tour through philosophical paradoxes.
Time travel is a well-worn plot device in Hollywood, but few films seriously consider the paradoxes that a time traveler might face.
At the turn of the twentieth century, Bertrand Russell demonstrated that any logical system could be shown to contain paradoxes, and that all of logic would be threatened if paradoxes could not be restricted.
He notes the popularity of paradoxes in the Early Modern period, showing how paradox could be used to challenge seemingly rigid truths and also entertain, as they were in jest books, for example.
Pizzorno begins with three famous sixteenth-century paradox books: Ortensio Lando's Paradossi cioe sentenze fuori del comun parere (1543); Charles Estienne's Paradoxes (1553), a partial translation of Lando; and Anthony Munday's The Defence of Contraries (1593), a partial translation of Estienne.
Through its ambiguities and paradoxes, the prologue cultivates an attitude of critical engagement, based on the reader's evolving awareness and reassessment of his responses to the text.
What keeps health care leaders up at night and the country from moving toward improving health care is not their ability to solve problems--it is their inability to effectively deal with paradoxes, which are seen as issues that appear to resist solution.
The first edition of Michael Clark's Paradoxes from A to Z was a best-seller, and any library or individual who missed this collection of brain-teasing puzzles will thus welcome this second edition, which includes ten new paradoxes from Muddy Children to Self-Amendment paradox.
It eliminates such logical paradoxes as "This statement is false," by forbidding a language to talk about the truth or falsity of statements in the same language.
Two paradoxes coexist in this work, then: a play between sculpture as material presence on the one hand and painting as purveyor of illusion, of virtual space and light, on the other; and the play between two different kinds of value, namely the functional and the aesthetic--a differentiation itself aligned with social and economic distinctions between production and consumption, work and pleasure.
Adding to this anti-Grierson worldview--seeing isn't always believing--Mettler's ambivalence toward the technology of his chosen medium and his profound sense of wonder about the world, the paradoxes threaten to paralyze.