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Synonyms for paradise



Garden of Eden

Synonyms for paradise

Synonyms for paradise

any place of complete bliss and delight and peace

(Christianity) the abode of righteous souls after death

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the episode follows the canonical pattern of such [allegorical] narratives: (1) a series of moral and spiritual failures and a consequent descent into hellish vice and corruption, mediated by a spurious model of askesis; (2) an intermediate purgative period in which the hero learns to recognize and combat external hardships and enemies; (3) entrance into a paradisical state (here represented by Logistilla's palace and her teachings) where the hero is apparently confirmed in virtuous self-knowledge and spiritual well-being.
4) For this counter paradisical theme also see Kanaganayakam 91; and Tew, B.
The Last Amateurs depicts a paradisical world that is separate and distinct from the Gomorrah of major-college basketball.
It is true that film directors now falsify even their own history, but in mid-Stalinism we get the movie "Red Star" about a Soviet collective farm which was so excessively paradisical that it could not be shown in the Soviet Union.
Paradoxically, this immemorial and ubiquitous trauma is perpetuating the dream of an eternal and perfectly just, that is, paradisical life.
d) how Hawaiian talk-stories in stressing indigenous attachment to the land do so in resistance to the way in which foreigners--haoles and Japanese--relate to the land as a commodity or as a paradisical exotic spectacle.
She is also the English representative of the Walton Trust, furthering the name of composer William Walton, whose centenary year this is, and whose estate is based at his last home and resting-place, the Ischian villa of La Mortella with its famous paradisical garden.