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Synonyms for paradise



Garden of Eden

Synonyms for paradise

Synonyms for paradise

any place of complete bliss and delight and peace

(Christianity) the abode of righteous souls after death

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Although Raleigh's attempts to establish a colony in Virginia thus proved futile and catastrophic (3:282), Virginia with its rich and unspoiled resources, projected through a paradisical vision, continued to mystify and lure the enterprising and commercially committed merchants of London.
This is the reason of the important role played by the paradisical metaphors and motifs that will be analyzed in the following discussions.
The answer to all of the above would be a resounding "yes" if you were looking at a paradisical haven through the eyes of Wildworks theatre director Bill Mitchell and his team of creative creators.
Rikizo describes the first time he went to the island as feeling that it was like a paradisical place--he was aware of the intense colours of the sea and the sky, of the bird-calls that laced in and out of the fabric of quietness.
Since all reports confirm its "Heaven on Earth" quality and since we are told that it is the pure of heart who see God, it may be man's self-induced blindness, caused by sin, that has blinded him to the paradisical light of Laus.
Miranda indicates, while in "Alocucion a la poesia" is based on the myth of the paradisical Latin American garden, with "Silva a la agricultura de la zona torrida" situates on the map of Latin American identity that of agricultural paradise (162-166).
Hou always posits some sort of Eden for his characters--a place to remember or long for; that Japan, once Taiwan's brutal colonizer, provides the paradisical hiatus here, compounds the film's sense of history absented.
Through baring the violence, isolation, and contradictions involved in maintaining a paradisical community, Paradise refigures these sites of "strange forgetting" as cites of countermemories.
Whilst I was systematically collecting the itukutuku ('tellings') of the Serean clans, the eldest man of the Nacaubouta clan, and official herald of Serea, had instructed me to write down in my notes that their ancestor Leka was born in paradisical Nakauvadra before his brother Rorogaca, the ancestor of the Waikalou chiefs.
His naked nubilities, like those of the Elder Cranach, celebrate paradisical innocence.
the episode follows the canonical pattern of such [allegorical] narratives: (1) a series of moral and spiritual failures and a consequent descent into hellish vice and corruption, mediated by a spurious model of askesis; (2) an intermediate purgative period in which the hero learns to recognize and combat external hardships and enemies; (3) entrance into a paradisical state (here represented by Logistilla's palace and her teachings) where the hero is apparently confirmed in virtuous self-knowledge and spiritual well-being.
Paradoxically, an important part of Kaaterskill Falls' role as a contested site lies in its depiction as an idyllic and, at times, almost paradisical place.
The Lovely Bones is narrated from heaven by a fourteen-year-old girl who has been raped and brutally murdered by a neighbor (think Our Town with dismemberment) and who receives, as compensation for her earthly travails, an afterlife that includes a nice apartment, plenty of teen-girl magazines, a paradisical version of high school, and a front-row seat from which to observe the folks back home coping with their grief and puzzling over her killer's identity.
4) For this counter paradisical theme also see Kanaganayakam 91; and Tew, B.
Especially if they also believe that that other universe is a paradisical escape from the tribulations of the real world.