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the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea

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Australian International Development Assistance Bureau 1993: "Women in Development in Papua New Guinea Sector Program Development"--Briefing for PNG Sector Working Groups, March 1993.
We were in a state of shock," says Synolakis, a researcher at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and co-leader of a science team that visited Papua New Guinea in early August.
The wave, known as a tsunami, was created by a magnitude-7 undersea earthquake and destroyed several villages along an 18-mile stretch of Papua New Guinea's northern coast.
The report compares the investment environment in Papua New Guinea with other countries in the region.
Prime Minister ONeill stated that some of the 35,000 Filipinos in Papua New Guinea have been in the country for long years, a testament to the strong friendship between the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.
She added that those who will qualify will be petitioned under the Papua New Guinea government's working visa status.
As reported earlier, two boats, evading the Indonesian navy had met near the Australia-Indonesia border, to handover sacred water and fire and ceremonially reconnect the indigenous peoples of Australia and West Papua.
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the insurance industry in Papua New Guinea:
Up to 20,000 people were estimated to participate in a peaceful march delivering the recommendations to the provincial legislature (DPRP) in Jayapura on June 18 2010, mirrored by demonstrations throughout Papua.
Following East Timor's secession from Indonesia in 1999, there has been a shift among activists and writers, especially in Australia, to focus on the future of Papua, often referred to as West Papua or the former Irian Jaya.
We plan to divide Papua into five provinces, namely West Papua, Cendrawasih Bay, North Papua, Central Mountainous Papua and South Papua,'' Papua Gov.
The Filipino Community in Papua New Guinea led by the Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea, Inc.
Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Monday lodged a protest with the government of Papua New Guinea after it submitted to pressure from Beijing to remove "Republic of China" from its representative office, among other punitive measures, and condemned the timing for being too close to last week's deadly Hualien Earthquake, reported CNA.
This is the basis of the cooperation undertaken by President University (PresUniv) and Central Provincial Government, Papua New Guinea.
Rodrigo Duterte will ask Papua New Guinea to reconsider a possible directive that would disallow the processing in the Philippines of tuna sourced from the latter's seas.