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a mill where paper is manufactured

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Mainly we have two teams and one is Ashok Paper Mills in Assam.
Corporate Secretary and Chief of Legal Department, American Israeli Paper Mills Ltd.
Nippon Paper as well as four other leading paper mills -- Oji Paper Co.
Atlas Paper Mills is a wonderful acquisition for our firm," says Mike Schmickle of Palm Beach Capital.
The $140-million Northern Pulp and Paper Electricity Transition program will provide quarterly electricity price rebates for pulp and paper mills that purchase a minimum of 50,000 megawatt hours annually and commit to increased energy efficiency.
Dioxin cannot be detected in wastewater being discharged from [ECF] pulp and paper mills," says the trade group.
In addition to the air duct work for paper mills that takes Bray's work crews all over the United States, the company does all types of roofing, including slate, tile and metal roofing and general sheet metal work.
The competition between Canada's paper mills and southern U.
American Eagle Paper Mills of Tyrone, Pennsylvania introduces their new product, Eagle Armour Copy.
For the past several years, the scrap paper industry has been keenly aware that increasing amounts of old corrugated containers (OCC) have been heading into expanding paper mills in China.
Service providers that visit different pulp and paper mills must go through safety training sessions at each mill they visit, and these sessions are often repetitive and time consuming.
In 1997, American paper mills consumed nearly 40 million tons of recovered paper.
Several reports document endocrine disturbances in fish near pulp and paper mills, including the expression of male secondary sex characters in female fish.
Nasdaq: LGTY), the leading supplier of business-to-business collaborative commerce solutions to power e-Business and optimize the supply chain, today announced that Mohawk Paper Mills, a leader in the manufacture of premium-grade printing papers, has chosen Logility Voyager Solutions as its comprehensive solutions for transportation management and collaboration with customers and vendors.