papal infallibility

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belief of the Roman Catholic Church that God protects the pope from error when he speaks about faith or morality

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The council, he explains, made a crucial contribution by narrowing down the understanding of papal infallibility as well as the conditions for its exercise: "It is therefore a distortion to say that the definition was enacted because the Pope rail-roaded it through a resistant Council.
As Kung has stated, the doctrine of papal infallibility has overshadowed and impacted many key challenges and issues that have divided the Catholic Church.
Wolf juxtaposes the Council of Constance, which in Haec sancta decreed the superiority of councils to popes, with Vatican I, which in Pastor aeternus defined the doctrine of papal infallibility, an "unprecedented innovation and break with Church traditions" (78).
The book brings out two aspects of this interplay especially well: (1) how Acton grounded freedom in Christian truth and (2) how Acton as a committed Catholic opposed papal infallibility.
Dollinger's public career may be roughly divided into three periods: (1) the search for Catholic renewal in Germany (1826-1850); (2) the critical-historical work (1851-1871), which is central to his achievement; and (3) the Post-Vatican period under excommunication (1872-1890), when he continued to defend his opposition to papal infallibility.
The reader is lett to surmise that unity might come more easily without what Anand chastises as needless accretions, especially papal infallibility.
A blog post about a New York Times article on papal infallibility led readers to critique the paper of record's flawed reporting.
Though papal infallibility was only set in stone in 1870, the idea had long been part of Church history and debate, and the notion of the Bishop of Rome as a preserver of apostolic truth was first mooted in the sixth century.
Among the topics explored are his ultramontane spirituality, the Irish emigrant world, the system of national education in Ireland, channels of political communication during the first Gladstone administration 1868-74, John Henry Newman's perception of the archbishop of Dublin, the declaration of papal infallibility, and the remaking of Catholicism in the Antipodes.
He's the bank clerk who behaves like Bono, the politician who believes he possesses Papal infallibility.
And because of something called papal infallibility, the Pope is, we are told, always correct and he may never be challenged.
This could mean accepting papal infallibility as expressed in the catechism, and if Rome remains inflexible on that point, Pope Benedict's initiative seems likely to fail.
This issue alone shows Papal infallibility to be rank nonsense, even before the kickoff.
One of the most fascinating episodes is Moran's involvement in the first Vatican Council, which defined Papal Infallibility.
Eminent Catholic theologian Hans Kung was excluded from the chair of Catholic theology at Tubingen University in Germany for questioning papal infallibility.