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the temporal dominions belonging to the pope (especially in central Italy)

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In any event, papal troops were greatly outnumbered by the Imperialists and represented only a small proportion of the League army.
While waiting for the arrival of papal troops, the conspirators tried to complete their coup by gaining control of the city's main fortress, the Rocca di Ravaldino, still firmly in the hands of the Riario loyalist, Tommaso Feo.
The joke's reference to the leader of the Neapolitan troops, moreover inevitably calls to mind the unmentioned captain of the allied papal troops -- Federico da Montefeltro.
Both the written commentary of the Sententiae and the sermons of 1511 serve in addition to justify the aggressive papacy of Julius II, who had conferred with Egidio da Viterbo before declaring the 1510 salt war in the first place and who had marched along with the papal troops into battle in the winter of 1510-11.
Opposite it, eight kilometers to the southwest across the valley, lies Anghiari, where Florentine and papal troops won their decisive victory over the forces of the duke of Milan in June 1440.