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the temporal dominions belonging to the pope (especially in central Italy)

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Under a long-standing agreement, Italy is obliged to allow visitors to the Vatican to cross Italian territory because the Papal State has no airport.
So what else did this much-dissected Papal State Visit achieve?
Summary: Pope Benedict XVI has flown in to Scotland to begin the first papal state visit to the UK.
The State of Israel received the head of the Papal state as a head of state, following all proper protocol.
Facing numerous financial scandals and the avarice of church leaders, he has initiated decisive reforms of the Vatican bank and the papal state and called for transparent financial politics.
The pontiff was officially welcomed by the Queen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh for the first papal state visit to the UK.
There had been disappointment that Pope Benedict XVI would apparently miss out the city during the first Papal state visit to Britain, despite beatifying the Victorian Cardinal John Henry Newman, who is closely associated with Birmingham.
1929: The Papal State, which had been extinct since 1870, was revived as the State of Vatican City in Rome, as a result of the Lateran Treaty.
Chapter 6 analyzes how Pius relied upon the arts outside of Rome to unite his disparate and far-flung territories in his goal of creating a modern papal state.
1520 - Henry VIII and Francis I of France met in a glittering ceremony near Calais1929 - The Papal State, extinct since 1870, was revived as the State of Vatican City in Rome1939 - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth became the first British King and Queen to visit America1946 - Television resumed after the war.
1929: The Papal State,extinct since 1870, was revived as the State of Vatican City in Rome,as a result of the Lateran Treaty.
In a dynastic age her affiliation with the ruler of the Papal State gave her clout; at the same time both her illegitimacy and Julius's erratic way with personal and political ties left her influence uncertain.
In his survey of Raphael's "state portraits," Konrad Oberhuber (1971) claimed that the portrait of Leo X attempted to combine "the monumentality and grandeur of a papal state portrait with the human intimacy the devotional context required.
Maybe American Catholics just have to move to the Vatican and naturalize as citizens of the papal state.