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Synonyms for panorama



Synonyms for panorama

that which is or can be seen

Synonyms for panorama

a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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Realtors, the insurance industry and travel agents are already seeing the benefits of converting simple images into exciting, easy-to-use super-wide panoramas for their clients and business partners, as they incorporate this technology into their own business applications.
PhotoVista creates panoramas that can be streamed by the RealSpace Viewer over the Internet, allowing users to interact with an image before it fully loads.
the leading digital imaging company, today announced Spin Panorama, a breakthrough software program that transforms multiple still images of a scene into "super-wide" angle still pictures and interactive 360 panoramic QuickTime movies.
Generating navigable SmoothMove panoramas offers easy, instant visualization of even the most complex models.
This projection mode is great for wide or multirow panoramas.
While the book traces the production and exhibition of moving panoramas through Continental Europe, and back and forth various imperial and colonial travel routes, its primary focus is the Anglophone world, in particular England and the United States.
Showmen exhibited such panoramas in venues that ranged from opera houses to church halls, creating a market for mediated realities in both city and country.
This book examines the history and cultural impact of Barker's panoramas in Britain, with special focus on the diagrams which accompanied the panoramas, which directed observers to various features and landmarks.
The Battlefields of the First World War The Unseen Panoramas of the Western Front Peter Barton (Foreword by Richard Holmes) Constable In Association with the Imperial War Museum 376pp + 2 CD-Roms 50 [pounds sterling] ISBN 1-84119-745-9
As digital photography continues to stretch the limits of 32-bit computing, AMD64 technology enables The Panorama Factory to create larger panoramas with more pictures than what is possible on a 32-bit architecture.
11 terrorist attacks, Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas introduced a pre-attack panorama of New York's World Trade Center and pledged a portion of proceeds from panorama sales to the American Red Cross relief fund.
The few panoramas that survived did so as vestiges of an era that was clearly over.
360 Panorama users are given a one-touch option to contribute their panoramas directly to 360VERSE.
E[acute accent]--Exports 360 degrees virtual tour panoramas to both QuickTime VR and HTML formats