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(plate tectonics) a hypothetical continent including all the landmass of the earth prior to the Triassic period when it split into Laurasia and Gondwanaland

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With our investment in Pangaea Ventures Fund III we have a strong partner in one of the most dynamic venture capital markets in the world with immediate relevance to our own business activities" explained Dr.
Co Pangaea Expedition to cover 100,000 km and reach North and South PolesCo Young adults to take part in unique worldwide environmental missionCo HSH Prince Albert present as expedition yacht, Pangaea, is baptised in MonacoCo C[pounds sterling]Together we can tap the worldCOs most powerful energy source-the younger generationC[yen] , says Mike Horn
Lara, who has appeared in campaigns for Kit Kat and John Smith's Bitter, first met Mark on a night out with three other models in Pangaea.
As a wholesale metro Ethernet connectivity provider, Pangaea Networks delivers flat-rate Ethernet access to more than 2,700 enterprise buildings and interconnectivity to nearly all of the New York and New Jersey metro area data center and colocation facilities.
10 January 2013 a[euro]" US venture capital firms RockPort Capital Partners and Open Prairie Ventures and Canadian peer Pangaea Ventures Ltd have taken part in a USD7m (EUR5.
The Jackass star, left, hit London's Pangaea club on Tuesday night looking bedraggled.
Leo, 30, who dates Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, started off in the West End restaurant Cipriani on Saturday, before heading to Pangaea.
It will be served at West End club Pangaea where Harry and pals got sozzled on vodka before his spot of fisticuffs outside.
WITH animal prints and antelope skulls hanging from the dimly lit walls, private booths and drinks prices hitting four figures, Pangaea is favoured by stars.
AN unidentified man holds Prince Harry (with back to camera) after a scuffle outside the exclusive London nightclub Pangaea in the early hours of yesterday morning.
Soon thereafter, in the Jurassic period, the Atlantic Ocean opened up, ripping apart Pangaea and scattering these basaltic formations across four of today's continents, according to Andrea Marzoli of the University of Geneva in Switzerland and his colleagues.
NEW YORK -- The application window is now open to become one of the lucky Young Explorers selected to join the internationally-renowned South African explorer Mike Horn during his upcoming "USA Expedition" project, part of his PANGAEA expedition.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 2, 2014-Invel closes buy of majority in NBG Pangaea, unveils York Capital as co-investor
Pangaea Ventures invests in early stage cleantech companies with compelling advanced material technologies.
Big Brother "star" Sam Heuston, 23, made sure she was centre of attention by smooching with bisexual Rebecca Loos's lover, Emma Basden, at Pangaea.