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United States golfer (born in 1929)

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So the palmer was persuaded; and Robin put on the old man's hat, which stood full high in the crown; and his cloak, patched with black and blue and red, like Joseph's coat of many colors in its old age; and his breeches, which had been sewed over with so many patterns that the original was scarce discernible; and his tattered hose; and his shoes, cobbled above and below.
Down through the long lines of packed people they walked to the market-place, the palmer in the lead, and the widow's three sons marching firmly erect between soldiers.
The palmer whispered to them, as though offering last words of consolation; and the three men, with arms bound tightly behind their backs, ascended the scaffold, followed by their confessor.
Palmer made her no answer, and did not even raise his eyes from the newspaper.
Palmer does not hear me," said she, laughing; "he never does sometimes.
Palmer laughed heartily at the recollection of their astonishment, and every body agreed, two or three times over, that it had been quite an agreeable surprise.
Palmer laughed, and said it would not do her any harm.
Now, Palmer, you shall see a monstrous pretty girl.
Palmer laughed so heartily at the question, as to show she understood it.
My friend," answered the palmer, "not all the money that is in this country could pay a just price for these wares of mine.
It is very true that he had not much hair," said the palmer quickly, "and it is this which makes this relic so exceeding precious.
With doffed caps and eager hands, the comrades took their new and precious possessions, and pressed onwards upon their journey, leaving the aged palmer still seated under the cherry-tree.
Away they galloped together, and ere long they saw the old gray palmer walking slowly along in front of them.
Then he turned and strode rapidly away; but the Palmer looked after him, muttering, "I wot that youth is no country hind that hath come to see a good man die.
When David of Doncaster told Robin Hood what the Palmer had said to him, Robin called the band around him and spoke to them thus: