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a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part (as a blood vessel) to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis

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Traumatic intimal tear of the renal artery treated by insertion of a Palmaz stent.
Palmaz envisioned that Palmaz Scientific's new technology could revolutionize care for strokes and other life threatening conditions in the same manner that the Palmaz Stent did for cardiac care.
We implanted 5 Palmaz Stents (Johnson & Johnson International Systems, Warren, NJ), 4 in group A and 1 in group B, and 14 Cheatham Platinum (CP) stents (NuMED, Hopkinton, NY), 5 in group A and 9 in group B.
Evaluation of the Palmaz stent in the trachea and mainstem bronchi of normal dogs.
Multicenter Palmaz stent renal artery stenosis revascularization registry report: four-year follow up of 1058 successful patients.