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Este hallazgo no resulta sorprendente de manera alguna y tiene, mas bien, caracter confirmatorio al asociarlo con lo que se conoce del mecanismo fotosintetico en la familia Palmaceae y con su origen del bosque tropical humedo de America (Mora Urpi y Gainza 1999), donde las condiciones climaticas no constituyen el habitat de origen tipico de las plantas [C.
Palmetto--Any palm of the genus Sabal, family Palmaceae.
9 g/kg of ether extract [EE] in the total diet); ii) with palm oil (PO) derived from the palmaceae plant Orbignya oleifera, which has a lipid profile rich in medium-chain fatty acids (lauristic and myristic); iii) with linseed oil (LO); iv) with PF, Lactoplus-Dalquim group, Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil; and v) with soybeans grains (SG).
a monocotyledonous and dioecious species belonging to the Palmaceae family, is widely cultivated in arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa [1].
Palm--Any tropical or subtropical tree or shrub of the family Palmaceae.