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a formal statement of disavowal

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The revision of the Iliad in The Robber Bride and its palinode in "Helen of Troy Does Counter Dancing" anticipate The Penelopiad, which focalizes and reinterprets the Odyssey through Penelope, just as Zimmerman dramatized a woman reader as the medium through which her version of the Odyssey is created.
Here Atwood is claiming that not only was Odysseus wrong, but Homer was as well: through this palinode, she calls attention to the poem's repression of the violence inflicted upon the maids.
These palinodes are found in three primary sources: i) the lists put together by Gros in his two works, 1992 (79-97 for Amiens; 182-96 for Rouen) and 1996 (notably 192-99 and 212-22); ii) the chants royaux found in "Recueil Vidouc"; and iii) the "Table des Chants Royaux sur la Conception" in BNF ms.
Counterintuitively focussing on a manuscript that happens to be wholly devoid of prose palinodes as well as of any graphic enhancement, Holmes makes her point about Uc as a self-conscious writer by showing how sequencing alone implies a persona and a life history.
Verder wil dit voorkom asof Krog op spottende wyse die intensiteit en vulgariteit van haar eie poesie afset teen die van Hambidge as sy in die gedig "pleidooi om bevryding" in Lady Anne (1989: 68) skryf: "my poesie blink soos 'n voormalige hoer / langs die slimline mannekyne uit Palinodes" (moontlik 'n verwysing na die kortreelige gedigte in Hambidge se bundel Palinodes van 1987).