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an ancient Prakrit language (derived from Sanskrit) that is the scriptural and liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism

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Cafe Mangii | Italian | Junction of Khar Pali and 14th Road, Off Linking Road, (022) 2649 8000
The only common person the feuding brothers kept in touch with during the last hours was Pali, Hardeep's father- in- law.
Cone: "Lexicography, Pali, and Pali Lexicography," Journal of the Pali Text Society 22 (1996): 1-34, and "The New Pali-English Dictionary," in Lexicography in the Indian and Buddhist Cultural Field: Proceedings of the Conference at the University of Strasbourg 25 to 27 April 1996 (Studio Tibetica: Quellen and Studien zur tibetischen Lexikographie, vol.
Ittademaliye Indasara Thero, Vice Chancellor of Buddhist and Pali University said that the launching of the programme would help in creating greater understanding of Buddhism in the region.
The part two outlines the origin and meaning of "bhaiti" in the Pali canon.
A one-week session at Pali costs $1,535, almost double the national average of $850 a week, according to the National Camp Association.
After A Thousand and One Nights ended and her imminent departure was announced, Pali reprised the work's most difficult variation.
THE TITLE of Steven Collins's voluminous book, Nirvana and Other Buddhist Felicities: Utopias of the Pali Imaginaire, attracted my attention.
Reassured by the testimony that Pali Momi would be a medical/surgical center, Davi wished Healthcare International official well on their new venture and returned to the task of running the fifth largest hospital in Hawaii.
Within Jefferies' Cash Equity Sales and Trading group, Kevin Fisher joins as a Managing Director, Ari Nathan and Thomas Pierini join as Senior Vice Presidents and Josh Horowitz joins as a Vice President, all from Pali Capital.
Tenders are invited for E tender for housekeeping work in cgst division d pali
26-50]) Glass refers to extant versions of the Samyuktagama and Samyutta-nikaya texts in Pali, Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Gandhari.
NA PALI COAST, Hawaii -- Paddling along in their double-hulled canoes, the ancient Hawaiians had roughly this same vantage point of Kauai's northwest shore.