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Yasim Qureshi MP said that the minister was told about the achievements Pakistan has made.
Professor Fair argues that nothing could be further from the truth, because Pakistan is not merely a revisionist state, but rather an unreasonable revisionist state.
The Nazria-e-Pakistan forum (The two-nation theory forum) in Jeddah is trying to keep alive the reasons and ideology of Pakistan based on the two-nation theory for the new generation to understand the importance of Pakistan's creation as a separate state for the Muslims.
In 2004, the United States recognized its closer bilateral ties with Pakistan by naming Pakistan as a Major Non-NATO Ally.
Iranian part of the pipeline has reached Iranshahr already and we have had several meetings in which we have invited Iranian delegations to finalize some new contracts in Pakistan.
What I say is that when Pakistan is ready to re -engage in a dialogue with United States, we are glad to do so at any time, at any place.
Pakistan Association Dubai, the largest community organisation in the UAE, announced that National Day celebrations will be held in the newly-constructed multipurpose hall at the Pakistan Sports and Recreation Club at 8.
On the occasion, Munawar Iqbal presented the overview of energy crisis in Pakistan and said that the energy shortage in Pakistan has become a growing problem for economic growth and international companies should come forward to help Pakistan in overcoming energy crisis for smooth promotion of manufacturing and industrial activities.
His comments must have made his Indian hosts very happy and this may have facilitated securing business and commercial ties with India but this was the 'unkindest cut' on Pakistan from a friendly country.
But the Kargil conflict coupled with fears of a nuclear holocaust nudged India and Pakistan close to a lasting peace with attempts on both sides to resolve all their problems, including Kashmir.
official, then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, had threatened military action against Pakistan if it did not cut its ties to the Taliban.
During the past decade, DHF epidemics have occurred in China, Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives, Bangladesh, and Pakistan (2-4).
ENI)--A bishop in Pakistan has renounced his nationality in protest against discrimination and hatred he says is suffered by the minuscule Christian minority in the world's second largest Muslim nation.
Pakistan said on Wednesday it would not use Fokker planes for passenger flights after an F-27 crashed, killing all 45 people on board.
I witnessed a good example of this last November while visiting our Soldiers and civilians serving in Southwest Asia, including Pakistan.
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