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a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan

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Ogra has also proposed to decrease price of high speed diesel oil by 60 paisas per liter.
65 for buying, declined 10 paisas and closed at Rs 85.
Those who have received these messages can collect zakat money from any easy paisa shop.
per km has been revised to 88 paisas per km and non air conditioned vans existing fare 95 paisas per km has been revised and refixed as 88 paisas per km.
80 for buying, decreased 15 paisas and closed at Rs 85.
One percent increase in GST will mount CNG prices by 39 paisas in Region-1 comprising KPK, Potohar and Balochistan.
65 for buying and after gaining 15 paisas closed at Rs 85.
In compliance with PM Nawaz Sharif directives ministry of water and power curtailed the power tariff by 46 paisas per unit and sent the formal request to NEPRA for reduction in power tariff.
18, that of light diesel by seven paisas per litre, and HOBC by Rs0.
64 for buying, gained nine paisas and closed at Rs 85.
ISLAMABAD -- NEPRA has approved curtailment of power tariff by paisas 8 per unit under fuel adjustment surcharge.
ISLAMABAD -- NEPRA has approved hike in power tariff by 5 paisas per unit.
75 for buying, depreciated five paisas and closed at Rs 85.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Wednesday reduced the electricity rates by one rupee and 88 paisas per unit.
76 for buying, rose two paisas and closed at Rs 85.