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an air gun used in the game of paintball

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Mr McAuley said: "We've been unable to run paintball as a business venture viably in Northern Ireland because 12 years ago the then RUC classified paintball markers as firearms"
Description: The recalled Blade Turbo(TM) paintball marker is bright blue with a black handgrip on the nozzle.
And each day before you play, you're required to check the velocity of the paintball marker.
Tippmann Sports, the world's leading manufacturer of high performance paintball markers and related accessories, has introduced the C3 with PEP Technology, the first-ever marker (paintball gun) fueled by propane.
Unlike most all other entry-level markers, the GTV1 is designed to be easily upgraded with components from higher priced paintball markers that are widely available at upscale paintball stores.
The Skunk octocopter, armed with four paintball markers, cameras and a loudhailer, was unveiled at the IFSEC security exhibition in Johannesburg in May this year, where it generated a considerable amount of interest both locally and abroad.
If you're trying out the paintball category, you may put in just a few paintball markers to see how they sell--and they won't.
The aim is to combine teamwork, strategy and skill with players using semiautomatic paintball markers that can fire seven balls a second which are accurate up to 95 feet.
The compressed air used in paintball markers and other air guns is the same gas used to inflate life jackets and lifeboats.
A wall of paintball markers (as the guns are called) and a small practice range.
Each tweet will activate one of six robotically controlled paintball markers inside the glass display case to shoot the white canvas behind the car, painting a colorful, continually evolving backdrop to frame the vehicle.
Army brand paintball markers," Said Kevin Sheehan, director of sales at Tippmann Sports.
NYSE: KTO) announced today the appointment of Gary Remensnyder as President of Brass Eagle, the worldwide leader of paintball markers, loaders, paintballs and accessories.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled paintball markers.
The staple products are a good selection of paintball markers and a good selection of quality paintballs," Sheehan said.