Black Hills

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mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming

mountains in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming

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Emails were sent to families who lived in the Paha Sapa neighborhood from Burnsville City Parks and Recreation to invite interested parents to attend an initial launch event where a description of the Citizen Health Care CBPR process was described and the topic of child health and wellness was introduced as the pressure point to address in the community.
CAG community members were representative of the surrounding Paha Sapa neighborhood where the intervention was carried out.
Buckingham has inserted postcards detailing the historic failure to build a shipping canal along New York's Canal Street into postcard stands there, and he recently made two photographic works, New Amsterdam, 2003, and The Six Grandfathers, Paha Sapa, in the Year 502,002 C.
At stake in this country, according to Newcomb and Kills Straight, are lands sacred to Native Americans such as Paha Sapa (the Black Hills) in South Dakota -- which the Sioux nations have struggled for years to have returned to them -- and Mount Graham in Arizona, where the Vatican and other parties built a controversial observatory despite the objections of traditional Apache Indians.
An editorial in Indian Country Today compared Costner's "gold rush" with the invasions of the Paha Sapa ("hills that are black") during the 1870s by General George Armstrong Custer, who violated treaties and triggered a rush in the hills for what Lakota holy man Black Elk called "the yellow metal that drives white men crazy.
That treaty reserved for Indians the Black Hills which they called Paha Sapa, the dreamland of the Sioux, a sacred place where spirits dwelt.
The Paha Sapa, the Black Hills, were now within the reach of The People.