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a medieval play representing episodes from the life of Christ

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For a fuller discussion of the staging possibilities of the York pageant wagons see Beadle (1994, 98-99).
Pageant wagons would wind through the town, stopping at various stations to perform in the street.
The Goldsmiths' relatively long drama required two settings, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and may have been staged with two separate pageant wagons.
Is the pageant house a place where a pageant wagon or wagons were stored between annual or irregular use in the production of plays?
At Spon Gate was a pageant wagon used for the Mystery Plays on which stood men dressed as Richard II and other nobility.
PERFORMANCE: An 1830s engraving of a pageant wagon.
Each group will have the same set of REED documents, including the York Mercers' Inventory; the Coventry Drapers' Accounts for 1565 for scenery; the Coventry Drapers Accounts of 1567 and 1572 for fabrics; records of pageant wagons (York, Mercers' Chartulary, 1501; Chester, Cordwainers and Shoemakers' records, 1549); some items pertaining to expenses; and a map of York and/or Chester
They were performed in a series on specially-built Pageant Wagons, which would roll to designated spectator stations throughout the town.
In an early 17th century map of Chester by John Speed (see next page), an inset on his map of the county of Cheshire, we can trace the usual course the pageant wagons followed.
At York the space called Toft Green was used for military exercises, and this was the same space used for assembling pageant wagons for the Corpus Christi plays.