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Synonyms for peony

any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers

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The best of them will be lifted and make their way down to the same bed alongside the paeonies.
From the other two sections, we made a whole load of new little paeonies, each one with a red shoot and its own root system.
Alice was at home for the weekend so she took back a bunch all mixed up with Alchemilla mollis, surely the best flower imaginable as a foil for roses, paeonies or sweet peas.
Orders over pounds 40 will receive a collection of three Paeonies worth pounds 8.
The mice have been busy meanwhile, and have finished off the broad beans and the sweet peas, and had some of the species paeonies I planted last autumn.
SCOTLAND may not be rose country, but it's tops for paeonies.
But Ian knows a thing or two, so on May 27 seek out his moutan tree paeonies, a rare and magical sight.
PERFECT MANORS: There were paeonies galore on the point of opening at the garden we went to the other day for Gardeners' World.
Paeonies grow quite fast once they come up, Trilliums are very slow, and lilies vary so wildly that I don't know what I'm in for with this one.
Great cottage-style choices include: paeonies, montbretia, bear's breeches, anemones, day lilies, madonna lilies, lupins, verbascum, oriental poppies, phlox, pinks, delphiniums, aquilegia and pansies.
Like paeonies, another favourite, the seeds usually take a year before they show any sign of life.
If you like double flowers the taller Giant Double (Papaver paeoniaeflorum) has richly coloured blooms which resemble paeonies.
Tree paeonies are finally up after sitting in their pot over two winters, and some hellebores I planted last year are looking healthy.
Hybrid herbaceous anemones should also flower well as would the paeonies.