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a sexual attraction to children


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Anon United Paedo Hunters posted two videos online of Harper, of Bangor, being confronted at the town's railway station.
She found an entry about herself and her boyfriend wrongly describing a "Llanrwst paedo conspiracy".
May-o-number of Theresa May announced VIP paedo hearing On July 7 last year Mrs May announced an independent inquiry to investigate public bodies' handling of child sex abuse claims, a probe chaired by Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.
A PAEDO caught with more than 220,000 indecent photos of kids was yesterday jailed for 14 months.
Yet with all their PC they ignore the paedo working with them for 30 years.
One labelled the innocents as 'Some paedo creeps in Llanrwst'.
Snodgrass wrote: "Absolutely disgusting she's a paedo and that's all there is to it.
One onlooker told the Irish Daily Mirror how the paedo lurked outside the cinema on the boat drinking as children played close by.
Number of days since Theresa May Announced VIP Paedo hearing and still no progress
This is the woman who took money from Jeffrey Epstein - the filthy paedo at the centre of this saga - to pay her debts.
NEW BBC comedy chief Shane Allen wants to give Frankie Boyle his own series - with a show he describes as "Wogan but with paedo jokes".
Daniel Williams, 30, of Dythel Park, Trimsaran, near Llanelli, warned police: "That paedo is going to get it", Paul Thomas, QC, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court.
He used the name Big Daddy and Paedo Dad on a file-sharing network, which police traced back to his computer.
2 Has no-one referred to the VIP paedo scandal as Cyril Smithgate because the thought of him ever being able to fit through a gate defies credibility?
DETECTIVES are trawling through files on at least 200 missing children to identify three boys allegedly killed by the Westminster paedo network.