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wholesale packaging of meat for future sale (including slaughtering and processing and distribution to retailers)

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FTEs corner pieces are used to secure pallets and the corners of crates for the fruit packing industry.
I am sure that the tie-up with Ipama will help Sharjah take centre stage in the fast-growing printing and packing industry in the Middle East region and successfully complement the Plastivision Arabia, Arabia Mold and PlastiCon held simultaneously," he added.
Brock has worked in a variety of roles in the textiles and meat packing industry including inventory control, operations manager, controller, and plant controller.
Feedlots and the packing industry on the other hand have to work hard to ensure they keep their volume of cattle steady and their profitability stable.
meat packing industry, causing a public uproar that contributed in part to the passage a few months later of the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act.
He also said that the Iranian companies could benefit from Germany's marketing and food packing industry, as well as the technological expertise in the sphere of agriculture.
His work life started at Whittal Mills, then moved to the meat packing industry and finished as a carpenter at the Worcester Art Museum.
During the 1980s, horizontal mergers in the beef packing industry accelerated at such a rapid pace that economists at the USDA applied the term "merger mania" to the beef industry.
Summary: Expo Centre Sharjah announced tie-up with Indian partner to showcase Print Pack Arabia that will highlight new technology and trends in the fast-growing printing and packing industry which is expected to touch $11 billion by 2015 in the region.
The plant is using the high technology in processing, filling and packing industry, the cost of the plant worth about OMR781,450 and was bought from the biggest Italian and Turkish machines manufacturers and the capacity of the line is around four million carton per year.
Our latest Wrinklewall products are another demonstration of how we are responding to the fast-moving requirements of the food packing industry with the widest choice of tray solutions," comments John Griffiths, Group Chief Executive, Nicholl Food Packaging.
For most host counties, meat packing industry employment accounted for less than 1% of county employment; however, in some counties it ranged as high as 47%.
The meat packing industry made worker safety a non-competitive issue in 1990 and, together with the Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, released voluntary ergonomic guidelines for the meat industry.
January 20 2010 -- The announced closure of Smithfield Foods' John Morrell pork plant in Sioux City in April indicates discipline within the pork packing industry, an industry analyst has said.
The authors detail how Agriprocessors treatment of workers was worse than that of the meat packing industry in general.