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a preparation of blood cells separated from the liquid plasma

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These cases were Massive blood transfusion, Alcoholic liver disease with Anaemia and Altered coagulation profile with Thrombocytopaenia; 38 cases required massive transfusion with all the blood components including packed red cells, FFP and platelet concentrate.
Significant differences were found in our series with regard to the SBP, number of packed red cell units required by the patient in the first 24 hours, pH and serum lactate concentration in the initial arterial blood gas analysis, and core temperature and haemoglobin levels, between the survivors and non-survivors.
Also data analysis of all three groups before the beginning of study showed no significant differences concerning total hemoglobin concentration, reticulocytic count percentage, serum ferritin level, the frequency of previous crises, packed red cells transfusions and hospitalization.
HIV negativity and the use, of ART were also associated with a decreased prevalence of cytopenias and were important factors that reduced use of packed red cells and FFP, respectively.
We used the red cell cobalamin lower limit of 33 pmol/L packed red cells to dichotomize the concentrations into deficient and nondeficient vitamin [B.
In this case, adrenaline 3 mg, phenylephrine 3 mg and 3680 ml of fluid (four units packed red cells, two units FFP and 2 litres Plasmalyte) were given in the first 15 minutes of the reaction to maintain reservoir levels.
Our patient was treated with azithromycin and was transfused two units of packed red cells.
Control of analyzer slope and intercept in the measurement of packed red cell volume (PCV), part 1.
However, the number of 12-hour blood transfusions and the proportion of patients who received more than six units of packed red cells within 12 hours of injury decreased significantly.
15) Transfusions of packed red cells, platelets, or plasma may be necessary.
7%) received transfusions of either whole blood or packed red cells during hospitalization.
When AIDS patients are transfused with packed red cells, the number of complexes, which probably include AIDS viruses, goes down in five days.
This could be possible since PHER-O2 does not require refrigeration nor type and crossmatching, which is necessary with packed red cells.
She was transfused with 2 units of packed red cells.
This bid request includes blood bag intended for donation and production of leukocytreducerade packed red cells, plasma and intermediEnrkomponent leukocytreducerad for the production of pooled platelet and leukocyte.