drift ice

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masses of ice floating in the open sea

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Instead of plowing, the city scatters sand on icy surfaces and waits for the packed ice to loosen so it can be plowed, he said.
It emerged the authorities used the wrong type of de-icer which failed to shift packed ice and slush.
15am with almost zero visibility, freezing conditions and packed ice on the ground.
The team, who made history when their boat the Northabout completed the first East West circumnavigation of the Arctic, almost got stuck in packed ice off Siberia as the minus 60 degree freezing winter closed in.
Due to its wiggly shape, the F-ring--one of the planet's seven bands of densely packed ice, dust, and rock--has always been an oddball.
They claimed some of the snowballs which injured the boy had been made with packed ice.
Trips are scheduled for August, 2006 at pounds 42,000 per person as travellers join the icebreaker Yamal at Spitsbergen on its voyage north, surging through densely packed ice at speeds of up to 12 knots, due to the vessel's 75,000 horsepower engine.