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In 1821 no less than 34,000 pack-horse loads of lead, equating to 3,000 wagon loads, headed to the Tees via Richmond, but production diminished in latter decades due to the increased costs of mining deteriorating, veins of galena (lead ore) and foreign competition.
Yesterday (Friday) the club organised an evening mid-summer ride over the moors from Buckstones to Marsden on the old pack-horse route - which was most enjoyable taking in some spectacular views.
Kids ages 11 and older receive a tour of the origins of libraries from the first book shelves to pack-horse librarians in Kentucky to the vertical shelving style which fostered libraries.
WHEN you don't want to feel like a pack-horse, but need a practical bag with space why not pick up a backpack.
The journey follows the old pack-horse routes between Dolgellau and Harlech, making use of the section where the tracks cross the ridge-line that shadows the coast.
Goods were carried around on pack-horses and cattle were driven many miles across country.
The Constabulary in Hales Owen are vexed by the disappearance of three of their pack-horses, which were last seen grazing in a field behind their station in Church Lane on Sunday evening.