Pacinian corpuscle

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a specialized bulblike nerve ending located in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin

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While the ordinary neurofibroma would suggest the presence of mature Pacinian corpuscle, but there is no typical characteristic of Pacinian neurofibroma.
However, concentrations of Pacinian corpuscles (detecting deep pressure) and Ruffini's corpuscles, which responding slowly to sustained pressure and tangential forces, are thought to be present in much of separating fascia, for example, in subcutaneous tissue.
Also both areas lack hair follicles, sebaceous glands and melanocytes but are provided with abundant sweat glands and pacinian corpuscles.
People have Pacinian corpuscles in their palms and fingertips.
When you stroke your fingers over a surface, its structure triggers high-frequency vibrations in the finger, to which specific touch receptors, the Pacinian corpuscles, respond.
Neurophysio-logical recordings indicate that, when such fine textures strike on the finger pad skin, the fingerprint ridges vibrate and cause Pacinian Corpuscles to respond, thus enabling the detection of the micro texture (Elias & Saucier, 2005).
11) One tumor demonstrated an association with clusters of Pacinian corpuscles with an S100 protein stain showing tumor cells in the outer layers of the corpuscles (Figure 3, c and d).