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Synonyms for pacifism

Synonyms for pacifism

the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable

the belief that all international disputes can be settled by arbitration


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A pacifist is seen as the ultimate party-pooper - someone misunderstood as cowardly, unpatriotic and beyond reason.
Critique: An inherently fascinating and compelling read from cover to cover, "We Answered With Love: Pacifist Service in World War I" is exceptionally well edited, organized and presented.
We might wonder what a world full of pacifists would have done once it had grown "aroused" - commit suicide as well?
During the Q&A, I asked Wills whether he was, as I am, "disappointed and even justifiably angry that the Catholic church is not a pacifist church.
The draper's son was 19 when war broke out, and his pacifist beliefs saw him serve three prison sentences - in Preston, Wormwood Scrubs and Belfast.
As Professor CH Dodd said in "The Meaning of Paul for Today", "Christian pacifists obey God rather than man, and care not a rap for the judgement of any human tribunal".
It was a tough call that fellow Quakers and other pacifists didn't necessarily support.
Nevertheless, pacifists are to be tolerated and given accommodation consistent with what a Christian nation would extend to any of its misguided and confused brothers and sisters:
Lichti's purpose is to document and interpret the considerable primary sources, largely in religious journals, written by authors of pacifist denominations just before and during the Third Reich.
Protestant pacifists could not keep the twentieth century from becoming the bloodiest on record, but they could sustain a shared identity.
The International Peace Campaign was close to collapse and the League of Nations Union, which boasted one million members in 1931, was reduced to 264,000 by 1938 and riven with sectarian disputes between pacifists and those who favoured collective military action.
The pacifists, responding to a call by Belgian groups Bombspotting and Vredeactie (Action for Peace), accuse the Atlantic alliance of being the instrument of US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Those who have armed Japan have successfully deflected criticisms from pacifists by interpreting their policies as within the letter of the law--while publicly pledging support for the anti-militarism inherent in the spirit of the law.
A note also, perhaps, for the pacifists among us, for whom I have great respect, but history is real and should not be denied.
The pacifists among us are often derided as dreamy or irrational, but what could be more irrational than a strategy of short-term military force that leads to a long-term betrayal of the aspirations of the Israeli and Palestinian, and now the Lebanese, people?