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5 PT Sekar Laut 22 PT Yudiya Wangi 16 PT Pacifik Millenia Pangan Makmur/Orang Tua Group 11 PT Prima Aneka Perjaya 9.
550 hectares Lestari Pacifik PMA North Bio-ethanol Bhd and PT Sumatra from palm oil Inkud Exchange waste--6,5 million liters /year Names of Investment Start company up year PT.
The group members include PT Pacifik Milenia Pangan Makmur and PT Ultra Prima Abadi.
The other two producers include PT Budi Kimia Raya in Bandar Lampung with an annual capacity of 6,700 tons and PT Sama Satda Pacifik with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons.
Net Jasa Jejaring Wasantara, PT Pacifik Link Estiko Ramanda, PT Redrooster.