Pacific silver fir

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medium to tall fir of western North America having a conic crown and branches in tiers

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The treating schedule used for the Pacific silver fir was an initial 30-minute vacuum at 22 inches of Hg (75 kPa), followed by 1.
There were two failed Pacific silver fir boards at each site, and two failures in jack pine and one failure in white spruce at Petawawa.
In unincised treated Pacific silver fir at both test sites, particularly Petawawa, early decay was present in boards without end coat at the low retention, as well as with end coat at Maple Ridge.
Eight-foot 2 by 6-inch kiln-dried boards containing a mix of sapwood and heartwood were obtained for three species: Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis Dougl.
This was a formulation C-treated Pacific silver fir sample, rated 9.
Profiled Pacific silver fir and southern pine specimens and the unprofiled controls from block 1 were grouped together in three pairs; each pair having the same profile.
Six southern pine and a similar number of Pacific silver fir deck boards measuring 2,500 (length) by 140 (width) by 40 (thickness) mm were purchased from a retailer and donated by a lumber company, respectively.
Therefore, in this study we quantified the dimensions of the profiles machined into Pacific silver fir and southern pine specimens using confocal profilometry.
It was noted, however, that preservative penetrations were much deeper in Pacific silver fir than in white spruce.
Generally the MCs of the Pacific silver fir samples were at the high end of the range and the white spruce and western redcedar samples were at the low end.
After 2 years of exposure untreated Pacific silver fir and all of the treated samples were free of decay at both lower and higher retentions.
2 m) coastal JAS grade hem-fir, Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis (Dougl.
05) greater uptake in Pacific silver fir than western hemlock by an average of 25 percent on a weight basis.
For example: western and mountain hemlock, grand fir, Pacific silver fir, and noble fir make up a "group sort," while Ponderosa pine is in a group by itself.
As the trail descends and the rain lets up, I'm surprised to see Pacific silver firs punching dark-green triangles out of the eroded valley below.
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