Pacific Northwest

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a region of the northwestern United States usually including Washington and Oregon and sometimes southwestern British Columbia

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The company--which operates through nine locations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska--expects the dock to be operational by late fall.
Here are some scientific-based future scenarios for the Pacific Northwest, according to Patrick Mazza of Olympia-based Climate Solutions, a project of the nonprofit Earth Island Institute: Droughts coming twice as frequently by 2020.
Indeed, this faith has provided a religious sanction for the takeover of the federal forests of the Pacific Northwest by the new urban and professional groups moving into the region in such large numbers.
As if to remind us that the export of logs from the Pacific Northwest is nothing new, he shows us dockside windjammers and steamers destined for California, the East Coast, and foreign ports.
We have proposed that the national forests-not only in the Pacific Northwest but across the country -be managed with longer rotations and a broader multiple-use strategy than characterizes the management on most private lands.
Some of the most dramatic evidence for prehistoric earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest comes from the ghostly red cedar trees, or "snags," that remain standing in the region though they perished centuries ago.
So the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and the lives of the people who live in timber-dependent towns there, are in for a period of intense change.
We are all eager to begin providing our personalized business banking services to the Pacific Northwest community.
We are excited to break ground on this facility, as this is a major step forward in bringing an alternative fuel source to the Pacific Northwest and lessening our country's dependence on foreign oil," said Elie Makad, chairman of US Ethanol and Makad Corp.
5 Million to Benefit 93 Nonprofit Organizations Throughout the Pacific Northwest
The Pacific Northwest regional natural gas market faces the future in good health, according to a recently updated study released by the Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) and its industry members.
McAdams Wright Ragen is a Pacific Northwest broker-dealer and investment advisor with 80 employees, managing over $3 billion in assets for clients primarily throughout the Pacific Northwest.
DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Lee Enterprises, Incorporated (NYSE:LEE), has completed the previously announced sales of stand-alone publications and commercial printing operations in the Pacific Northwest and northern Wisconsin.
OTCBB:LINN), a leading provider of online lead generation and advanced business solutions that streamline the mortgage fulfillment process, today announced that it has been named to Deloitte & Touch's prestigious 2006 Technology Fast 50 Program for the Pacific Northwest.
Organizations in the Pacific Northwest are among the nation's leaders in recognizing the link between human and environmental well being, and this merger delivers a regional platform for translating this recognition into action.
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