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a vinyl polymer used especially in paints or adhesives

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PVA helps all veterans, whether or not they're members.
L X T) / 50 X 100 < 80 (2), and a dynamic modulus of elasticity E' at 100 [degrees] C and 30 Hz of said PVA fiber cord taken out from said belt reinforcing layer satisfies the following relationship:
HARWOOD: PVA analyzes the major business processes from the top down.
1, ICs between host HP-[beta]-CD and guest PVA were prepared through the force of mixing and shearing in twin-screw processing.
The product line was reviewed by a focus group of staff and PVA members and approved by PVA Executive Director Sherman Gillums Jr.
2] on the crystalline, thermal and mechanical properties of PVA were studied respectively.
But it's his legacy that I and all of our nation's veterans will benefit from for years to come that meant the most to Homer, and is what I want PVA members to remember him for.
Water is an effective plasticizer for PVA (20) and many efforts have been devoted to the realization of thermal processing of PVA by incorporating water.
PVA is a semicrystalline polymer in which high physical interactions between polymer chains exist, due to the hydrogen bonding between hydroxyl groups on the same chain as well as other chains.
Mountain States PVA Bowling Tournament Colorado Springs.
Being a semicrystalline polymer, PVA nanocomposites are a typical research object.
Cal-Diego PVA Air Rifle & Air Pistol Tournament.
PVA reinforces the strength, toughness, and crack resistance of concrete due to its high strength, high modulus, and good adhesion to the matrix [1, 2].