plasma thromboplastin antecedent

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coagulation factor whose deficiency results in a hemorrhagic tendency

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The Convener of the Sub-Committee took a serious notice of the misuse of powers by the officers of the PTA as they used the powers of the Chairman while making appointments to high profile situations in the authority.
He told, blasphemous material being uploaded on internet in different forms like literature , pictures , audio, video etc therefore identification of blasphemous material without human intervention is not possible there PTA has deployed a team of 25 IT personnel for this purpose.
This year, PTA has conducted QoS survey in 24 cities so far and their results would be published for general public after processing of the gathered data through state-of-the-art post processing tools.
The recommended that all mobile TA (Type Approval) holders need to get NOC for each shipment from PTA by providing the IMEI numbers along with commercial invoice and Air Way Bill (AWE) Number to PTA.
Justice(R) Muhammad Raza Khan has been given additional charge of the post of Member (Compliance & Enforcement) in PTA.
11) Viner drew a distinction between "trade creation" and "trade diversion," and further argued that the effects of PTAs on economic welfare depend on whether the predominant effect of a PTA was the former or the latter.
Thanks to its successful integration in PTA production, the FCFC enjoys a 20% up to 30% high profit margin against rivals.
Immediately after this I decided to e-mail the Nevada Chapter of the PTA and voice my concerns with them as well.
We noticed a seemingly high prevalence of penicillin allergy among patients who were diagnosed with PTA in our ER.
We got together (for the brunch) just to have fun, but everyone was talking about PTA,'' Ender said.
According to a lengthy hatchet job authored by Heather Koerner, the PTA seems to be "as American as apple pie" but is really a high-powered lobbying organization that promotes political correctness and a liberal agenda.
Mosaic said the PTA publications are targeted to the same audience as the "Working Smarter" software training bulletins of Mosaic Media's other division, OneOnOne Computer Training.
1) Spoken in an address to the 1898 convention of the National Congress of Mothers, forerunner of today's National PTA, these words set in motion 100 years of the organization's focus on involving parents, schools, and communities in the public education of this nation's children.
Unfortunately, parents cannot count on either their local PTA or its national leadership to advance parental interests -- or even air diverse viewpoints.