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a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boat

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Browse Pt Boat Market Report spread through 150 Pages at http://www.
American PT boats were one of the many attempts in history to get more bang for the buck, while also, in this case, allowing access to waterways unreachable by larger vessels.
In the process of moving the equipment, the PT boat came about beam to shore.
He was justly furious to be reproved as soft on defense by such hawkish Democrats as the Pulitzer Prize-winning PT boat hero and devoted husband John F.
We're like a PT boat that can make swift changes in the water, rather than an aircraft carrier, which has to go through a whole chain of command to turn around.
After all, alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn appears to have been a veteran of World War II, having served as a PT Boat captain.
At the time I expected the PT boat I found we could not launch our own small craft because of low tide.
During World War II he served as a PT boat skipper for three and a half years in New Guinea and the Mediterranean, which became the subject of his book, Lt.
Sailors who manned these tiny warships in nearly every World War II theater: the Atlantic, the English Channel, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, the Aleutians and the Philippines," said Harry Weidmaier, a former Navy Reserve captain and president of Save the PT Boat, Inc.
We're like a PT boat, where everybody else is a battleship.
I recently watched "They Were Expendable," John Ford's film about an American PT boat fleet during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines.
Thurlow and Kennedy steal a PT boat from supply officer Richard M.
There on the bow of a small PT boat was a sailor wearing only fundoshi, the traditional Japanese loincloth worn by men.
The sizes vary from little round balls (prova is a dialect word for globe or round) to huge 200-pound cylinders that look as if they could have been launched off the deck of a PT boat.
John F Kennedy, US President from 1961 until his assassination two years later, had been a Navy lieutenant serving in the Pacific when his PT boat was sunk.