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a terrorist group of radical Palestinians who split with al-Fatah in 1967 but now have close relations with al-Fatah

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While showing his satisfaction over revival of international squash in Pakistan, he desired that the provincial squash associations and other members of PSF should made concerted efforts to expand the game.
The PSF Balochistan has already been turned into Azad PSF by provincial president Zubair Shah.
The SVP, PSF expected that with more international exposure, our junior players would further improve their standing at the international level, in the days to come.
The Attorney General's statement that PSF had the sole responsibility to propose technology ignores the statements by panel member Mike Williams that the process has been a collaborative one and that at PSF's Missouri farms you "see commercial application of animal waste technology that exceeds anything that you will see .
It has been the position of the domestic polyester manufacturers that these low duties, far from being helpful to the PSF industry, have been directly responsible for the demise of the largest domestic PSF manufacturer - Dewan Salman Fibres.
5 times (x) the book or the market value of the PSF, whichever is less.
The President PSF reiterated that PSF would continue sponsoring top squash players for improving their world rankings.
Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, President PSF urged the participants to increase their efforts for the promotion of squash while the players needed to put in more efforts to improve their game.
During the chloromethylation of neat polysulfone (n-PSF), the hydrogen on the phenyl ring of PSF was substituted with a chloromethyl group, which was catalyzed with various amounts of Sn [Cl.
There is currently a serious tariff anomaly whereby PSF blended yarn has zero percent import duty, but the import of PSF as raw material is subjected to a punitive regime of 4.
PSF is widely known for having produced some of the most creative and inspiring domestic and international network identity packages for such clients as CBS, Showtime, Playboy Channel, A&E, TNT, Lifetime, PRO-7, Cinecanal and Canal Fox, to name a few.
PSF member organizations include commercial developers and operators of spaceships, spaceports, and orbital spaceflight facilities.
In this regard, PSF organized a workshop, here today, to increase the research proposal writing skills of scientists working in different public sector universities and R&D organizations.
Member Science, PSF, Dr Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto inaugurated the workshop aimed at increasing the research proposal writing skills of scientists working in different public sector universities and R&D organizations in Swat and adjoining districts.
PSF members include spaceship developers and operators, spaceports, space destinations, and space transportation agents.