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Synonyms for CJD

rare (usually fatal) brain disease (usually in middle age) caused by an unidentified slow virus

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From the 192 PRNP genes sequenced, Clawson and his colleagues have identified 388 variations, or polymorphisms, of which 287 were previously unknown.
By comparing the PRNP sequence from BSE-infected cattle to healthy cattle, we may be able to identify genetic markers in the prion gene that predict BSE susceptibility," he says.
Oligonucleotides used for (A) and cost of (B) PRNP genotyping.
Mice from 3 lines of transgenic mice expressing human PrP (designated HuMM, HuMV, and HuVV, according to the PRNP codon 129 genotype) were challenged in this transmission series (15).
The normal population distribution of PRNP codon 129 polymorphism.
Irrespective of origin, all 3 PRNP 129M-containing substrates supported amplification, albeit with slightly different efficiencies (Figure 3, panels A, B, C).
Within the theoretical confines of the prion hypothesis, the most obvious basis of a species barrier effect would be dissimilarity in PRNP sequence between the infectious source and the exposed individual.
The primers used for the amplification were as follows: PRNP Forward (5'-CCAAAAACCAACATGAAGCAC-3') and PRNP Reverse (5'-GTGGTTGTGGTGACCGTGT-3').
We conclude that real-time fluorescence PCR and melting curve analysis are ideal methods to study the PRNP M129V polymorphism.
All macaques are homozygous for methionine on PRNP codon 129; thus, prion-amyloid cardiomyopathy cannot be related to polymorphic codon 129 in our study (10).
Bioassay studies were conducted in BoTg110 mice expressing the bovine PRNP gene (23).
Polymorphisms at the PRNP gene influence susceptibility to chronic wasting disease in two species of deer (Odocoileus spp.
Ovine and bovine PRNP transgenic mice allow discrimination between scrapie and BSE in co-infected mice and sheep.
To estimate the molecular component of transmission barriers for particular TSE agents between species, we used PMCA reactions to amplify PrPd associated with vCJD (10), bovine BSE (11), ovine scrapie (12), and experimental ovine BSE (13) and substrates prepared from humanized transgenic mouse brain tissue expressing each of the 3 main PRNP polymorphic variants found in Caucasian human populations (PRNP-129MM, MV, and VV) (14).