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rare (usually fatal) brain disease (usually in middle age) caused by an unidentified slow virus

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Preclinical vCJD after blood transfusion in a PRNP codon 129 heterozygous patient.
Encontraron que aquellos con el alelo polimorfico PRNP G310C presentan la enfermedad en etapas mas tempranas de la vida.
From the 192 PRNP genes sequenced, Clawson and his colleagues have identified 388 variations, or polymorphisms, of which 287 were previously unknown.
Oligonucleotides used for (A) and cost of (B) PRNP genotyping.
En cuanto a la caracterizacion molecular del exon 2 del gen PRNP en la paciente y en el voluntario sano, se encontro homocigosis para todos los polimorfismos estudiados (figura 5), excepto para el 129 Met-Val, en el cual el voluntario sano resulto heterocigoto (figura 6).
Both patients had an MM genotype at codon 129 of PRNP, proving the diagnosis of sCJD
Prion seeding activity was not detected in the brain (temporal cortex) of the asymptomatic vCJD-affected patient, who was infected with a PRNP gene codon 129 heterozygote (Met/[Val.
Sc]-positive animals (Figure 2), but we found no clear association between migration pattern and challenge group or PRNP genotype.
Genetic basis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the United Kingdom: a systematic analysis of predisposing mutations and allelic variation in the PRNP gene.
Experimental transmission of brain tissue from patients of these 6 different sCJD subtypes into 3 transgenic mouse lines expressing different human prion protein gene PRNP sequences (coding for 129MM, MV, and VV) has identified 4 distinct strains of the CJD agent (3).
Almost all cases of nvCJD with available genetic analysis were methionine homozygotes at codon 129 of the PRNP gene and died at an early age (mean, 29 years).
Of the squirrel monkeys under study, 3 PRNP genotypes were represented (7).
Most cases of human prion disease are apparently spontaneously occurring (sporadic CJD [sCJD]) or are associated with mutations in the human prion protein gene, designated PRNP (genetic CJD, Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease, or fatal familial insomnia).
Identification of a heritable polymorphism in bovine PRNP associated with genetic transmissible spongiform encephalopathy: evidence of heritable BSE.
Iatrogenic CJD (dura mater), PRNP codon 129 methionine homozygous with type 2 [PrP.