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someone employed to arrange publicity (for a firm or a public figure)

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Midlands television presenter and PR man Bob Warman has been appointed chairman of TBL Marketing.
She's probably the most talented person I've ever seen in that role,'' said Colletti, a former PR man himself.
Local PR man Mitch Poole has recently taken the plunge and set up on his own as the appropriately named Poole PR.
Perhaps New Labour's anonymous PR man in the Rhondda should check his facts.
And in this fabulous exposA of the surgeon-general of spin doctoring the reader can see just how far the committed PR man will go.
But the Gazette columnist, PR man and Boro fan managed to cap the occasion with a major mind slip.
She did so in a style that would have made a Hollywood PR man proud, featuring a new hairdo, a stylish suit, twinkling with jewellery and wearing a smug smile.
People try to fudge a bit about their goals to create a patina of good-guyness," PR man Hal Dash admitted in a New York Times interview.
The former PR man recognises it will help his party to have more women delivering the government's message - his next job is to find out what that message is.
George was spotted enjoying a post-show meal and drinks at Puschka with Frankie Goes to Hollywood frontman Holly Johnson, PR man Dan Hughes and artist TradeMark, aka Mark Wardel.
The PR man said that an hour and a half later, Norton came to him and said after closing the door to never do it to him again.
THE big signing Kenny Dalglish needs to make in the January transfer window is a PR man.
The only snag is that my commitment to being Britain's most honest PR man compels me to reply: "No, I want more people to pay me for not doing anything.
Labour aims to paint him as a slick PR man, out of touch with voters.