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7 GHz POWER6 processor and consumed only 520 watts on average(1).
TurboCore can deliver up to two-times the performance per core of POWER6 processor-based systems, (2) providing excellent ROI for applications with high per-core performance requirements, such as managing and analyzing transactions from a smart electrical grid.
The SPARC Enterprise M9000 outperforms the IBM Power 595 POWER6 by nearly 2X and beats the HP Integrity Superdome system by 2.
POWER7 processors will offer two to three times the performance of POWER6 using the same amount of energy (and will be available in four, six and eight-core varieties).
This marks the latest in a series of benchmarks -- including ERP, online transaction processing, commercial computational throughput and scientific computational throughput -- that demonstrate that POWER6 delivers the most performance per core of any server.
ASE 15, which is designed to meet the increasing demands of large databases and extreme transaction volumes, combined with the POWER6 architecture demonstrates its effectiveness as a cost-efficient, premier transaction processing platform.
This new iDataPlex system adds to SciNet's existing supercomputing capability, which includes an IBM water cooled Power 575 supercomputer with 3,328 POWER6 cores with peak performance of more than 60 trillion calculations per second.
Superior Server and Storage Technology: Based on IBM POWER Systems technology and POWER6, customers can benefit from off-the-shelf components to add capacity easily.
Hung's innovation in core design culminated in an unprecedented set of number one benchmarks with the introduction of the POWER6 microprocessor.
The capability of the POWER6 to run Unix, Linux, IBM i, or Windows operating systems is also important for us" adds Hoskins.
The new drives will be supported on all POWER6 systems, from Blades to enterprise servers.