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the number of a letter box at the post office where mail is collected

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I recently applied for a PO Box number for my work-from-home business with Royal Mail.
Although, he works from a PO box number to keep his location secret, we traced him to an address in Sutton Court Road, Surrey.
Motorists who think they have been issued a ticket unfairly need to follow the appeals procedure and write to the Parking Services Team at the PO Box number detailed on the back of the ticket.
The supplier's full geographical address (a PO box number, is not enough) and business name;
The return address on the card is a PO Box number in Ealing in West London.
This will be backed up by a PO box number as a contact point in Wrexham, said BNP leader,Nick Griffin, who lives near Welshpool.
The only contact details for Express Forwarders Parcel Express Services comprise a PO box number in Cricklewood, London.
Ancient Arcana' operates out of a PO box number in Dublin's posh Blackrock village.
Applications should be sent to a PO Box number in Arlington, Virginia, and the CIA promises that it will 'respond within thirty days to those judged to be of further interest'.
When the content of another faxed letter received at the Daily Times was cross checked with the CBN, where it was supposed to have come from (complete with letterhead, logo and the Bank's PO Box number,) all a CBN spokesman would say was that the Bank did not use a logo on its letterhead.
Dubai: UAE residents as well as visitors who don't own a PO Box number can now have mail posted to them through a new Public Post Box service of Emirates Post Group (EPG).
A scammer may: | Make promises that sound too good to be true - if something sounds too good to be true it probably is; | Ask you to pay something up-front - for example, they will ask you to pay a fee before you can claim a prize; | Ask you to make a quick decision by saying things like "if you do not act now you will miss out"; | Be over familiar and over friendly with you; | Ask for your bank account details, or | Give a mobile number or PO Box number as the contact for their company.
I was supposed to receive a greeting card sent to a PO box number, which arrived after two months and 10 days when I had almost forgotten about it.
Starting with the Palm Jumeirah, Emir Mail, is planning to offer customers who register a PO Box number.
The parking company doesn't even have its proper contact details on its letters, all it has is a PO Box number and phone number of where to pay.